Friday, February 09, 2007

Kirby's Dental Adventure - Epilogue

Kirby is no longer the puppy with too many teeth. As of Wednesday afternoon, Kirby is now the proud owner of a normal set of six incisors. We made the trek to the vet's office Wednesday morning, but the tooth didn't come out until mid-afternoon, fortunately just before the power went out in that section of town. He came through with flying colors, but was still pretty groggy when we brought him home. Aside from his adorable cuddliness, he seemed pretty normal.

That evening, as we sat watching a DVD, Kirby went into his "Kirby Derby" mode...but instead of running, he just sauntered, squeaky toy in mouth. It was pretty funny. He did the entire loop several times at a leisurly walking pace, then settled down under the sofa for a nap. But by the next morning he was back to his normal antics, stirring up chases from Baxter, pouncing on his favorite toys, crawling under furniture and chomping on his favorite squeaky toy over and over and over.

It's nice to have him back. And we hope there are no more surprise teeth lurking in that little mouth!

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