Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Kirby Derby (aka Oh the Squeaking...)

My husband's brother and his wife and young daughter gave Baxter and Kirby a really cool present at Thanksgiving... It's a gingerbread house made from a soft-but-sturdy brown, plush cloth with fleecy trim. Inside the gingerbread house you can put three small, coordinating squeaky toys. The idea is that the dogs will be kept busy trying to get the shapes out of the gingerbread house through the little doorway opening at one end.

Baxter didn't have a chance. Once Kirby laid his eyes on the gingerbread house, it was his. It took him all of about 10 seconds to figure out how to get the toys out, but he thought it was a kick. Since that time, the various pieces have mainly lived in the office, a couple in the living room and one put up because it's in need of repair.

By far, the gingerbread man is Kirby's favorite, and he knows just the "sweet spot" to bite on to make it squeak. We know this because every evening, as we sit down to relax on the sofa, Kirby starts what I've been calling the "Kirby Derby." This involves running laps around the living room...from the doorway to the sofa, around the ottoman, over Baxter (yes, this dog is bound for agility), under the chair, past the sliding door, around the other side of the sofa, under the piano bench and back. All the way, he is repeatedly squeaking the toy at a rate (and volume) that rivals a car alarm. This goes on for at least 5-10 minutes, with only minor breaks to reverse direction or look out the sliding door, before Kirby finally settles under the sofa with the toy and mellows-out (sometimes the squeaking continues...).

While we both greatly appreciate this kind gift, and Kirby thinks it's the best gift ever, we've decided we're going to get their toddler a drum set for Christmas...

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