Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dogs and Pictures

Our first Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Baxter, was very photogenic and didn't mind having his picture taken (as evidenced by many posts on this blog). He didn't always like it, but he tolerated it well and was pretty good as posing.

Our little dog, Kirby, picked this up from Bax. He doesn't particularly like having his picture taken (and frequently acts like he's done something wrong when we tell him to sit still), but he usually tolerates it well and will hold a pose long enough for us to snap a quick shot.

Our young Griff, Remy, wants nothing to do with this picture thing. He actively dislikes having a camera (or phone) pointed at him and will go to great pains to avoid it. This is one reason why there are far fewer pictures of Remy around than there were of Baxter or Kirby at his age.

This morning I managed to get Kirby as a captive audience (Remy is pretty good at photo-bombing, despite his inability to pose for a portrait). I was having a bit of trouble getting Kirby to turn around and look at the camera. After much prodding he finally did, but I ended up loving the first picture the best...

Kirby: "I'm not giving in, I'm not looking at you.

Me: "Come on, Kirby. Look at me."

Kirby: "Oh, alright, if you INSIST."
Kirby: "Happy now?"

Me: "Yes, Kirby, thank you. You are a good boy."

Kirby: "Where's the treat?"

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