Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday, Kirby!

I can't believe our scruffy little guy is eight years old!

He's spent his life around Wirehaired Pointing Griffons and despite being 1/3 the size, I believe he thinks he is one. (He even points.) As a pup he relentlessly pestered our adult Griff, Baxter; was crushed (as we all were) when Bax passed away; then got the other end of the golden rule/dog karma when we introduced our Griff puppy, Remy, to the household a year and a half ago. Despite his diminutive size, he manages to hold his own with the big dogs. We love you, Kirby!


Bevie Sams said...

I found your blog today, and it brought such joy to see your scruffy dogs...all are precious..we've had several different breeds, but mostly pugs...we are down to just one...Wrinkles was a gift 14 yrs. ago, but our precious Sadieblue was a rescue as were all the other dogs we've shared our life with. Now that I'm in my 70's I realize it's impossible to think about rescuring another...I do dog sit daily for a little Jack Russell who has only apeople daddy...and he's dying of Cancer...we have decided not to take her for life as she's only 4. The Church is looking for a permanent home...but till then...we will continue to love her...thanks!

Bevie Sams said...
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