Monday, November 12, 2012

We're Down to Two...

We made the trek down to Loomis, CA to Supreme Point Kennels to visit with the breeder and the puppies, who are now 6 weeks old. All I can say is, even the best pictures don't begin to capture just how truly ADORABLE these puppies are. Ok, yes, I'm partial, but WOW. And all of them are cuddly and sweet and active and if I had a huge farm and unlimited supplies of money I could easily take home all 10! But, alas, all 10 are spoken for and we only get to take one of them home... very soon!

When we put in our application, we didn't specify male or female -- honestly, to us, the personality matters more than the gender.  Some folks are a lot more particular. They want a dog that's very "birdy," because they plan to hunt a lot. Others must have a female for one reason or another. For us, an even-tempered, active but mellow pup who really connects with its people is the main thing we're looking for.

Together, with the breeder, we've narrowed down the field to two... Supreme Point's Do I Feel Lucky or Supreme Point's Dirty Harry. This will be a tough decision and it's one the breeder is making for us, which is probably good because I'd just as soon take both of them home!

Do I Feel Lucky - photo: Jamie Newton

Dirty Harry - photo: Jamie Newton
Do I Feel Lucky - photo: Supreme Point

Do I Feel Lucky - photo: Supreme Point
Dirty Harry - photo: Supreme Point

Dirty Harry - photo: Supreme Point


Becky Banks said...

Oh my gosh!!! They're so CUTE!! I agree, hard to choose just ONE! :0)

Di and Barney said...

I love the name Dirty Harry!