Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Brief History of Remy

As we count down to the big day when we bring little Remy home, I thought I'd share some of the photos featuring his puppyness over the past couple of months... Thanks to Supreme Point Kennels for posting pictures and keeping us apprised of puppy progress throughout Trey's pregnancy, birth and pup-rearing!

Trey gave birth on Sept. 28/29 through the night. Little Remy (Supreme Point's Do I Feel Lucky) was the last one born. After delivering eight puppies, Trey was having some trouble with the last two... Thanks to the fetal heart monitor and the watchful eye of breeder/vet Lisa, they knew when it was time to take additional measures. Trey ended up delivering the last two via C-section. The little guys came out just fine and Mama Trey was soon up and around and all the pups were nursing.

Mama Trey

Breeder Lisa and Assistant Becca using fetal heart monitor

Hungry little newborns - Day 1/2 - 29 Sept. 2012

Day 7 - pups drinkin' and chillin'

Remy - Day 12

3 Weeks - Remy's in that pile somewhere!

Remy - Day 28

Remy - Day 28

Remy - 6 Weeks


Anonymous said...

Hi there ) I've been following your blog intermittently through the years and have LOVED the pics and stories, and was SO SO sorry to come on here last month and hear about the passing of your sweet scruffy kid. I hope you're healing. Congrats on the new addition - BEAUTIFUL puppy! How do you think your other dog will take to him? Let us know your progress. Jane

ScruffyDog said...

Hi Jane,

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Time helps with the healing, but Baxter will always be near and dear to my heart.

Our little dog, Kirby, has always had another dog around. At times he still seems lost without his big pal. Kirby is very affectionate and great around other dogs, so even if he isn't 100% keen on having a gonzo puppy jumping all over him (which I anticipate), I'm sure he will eventually adapt and will probably love having another big, scruffy pal to play with, curl up with and stand under in the sun and rain (yes, Kirby used Baxter for an umbrella).

Anonymous said...

What a sweet memory of Baxter and Kirby! We look forward to years of similar happy stories with the new twosome. :) I'm sure it will awesome to watch Kirby show Remy "the way." Jane

מבצעים said...

my dog is looking as sane as yours...
can you upload new pictures of your puppy?

Kris said...

What an adorable pup! "Remy?" Is that in honor of the comic character "Gambit," or something else?


ScruffyDog said...

Nope, not the comic character...We got the name Remy from one of our favorite places we've visited in France, St. Remy. But some folks have asked if it was from the cognac Remy Martin and someone else with a pup from the same litter named theirs Remi, after Remington. I guess any of those would work, but our little guy is named after a Provencal town.