Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Puppy Fever - Part Deux

Timing is everything. And once you decide you are ready to get a puppy, tomorrow doesn't seem soon enough. Putting a more rational hat on, it wouldn't make sense for us to get a puppy in September or October because we're having work done on our house. Bringing a little puppy into this world of ripping, pounding and workmen running around just wouldn't be a good idea.

We decided to connect with a few folks in the Griff world...just to see what was happening out there. I tried to call the family where Baxter came from. They'd moved.

So I looked up the breeder of Baxter's mom. One of her dogs just had a litter -- a pup could come home with us in October... Nope.

Another contact was planning to breed her lovely Griff... We'd love to get a pup from her, but her dog hasn't come into heat yet... Given the likely timing, that would mean the puppy coming home some time February. Not sure we want to wait that long for a number of reasons.

Then I came upon the website of a breeder in Northern California...she's a holistic veterinarian, has started a nice pet blog and her family has a beautiful Griff ready to give birth very soon (likely date might even fall around my birthday...)

We're on the list!  Is our next family member in there somewhere???

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Becky Banks said...

PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I can't wait for you to get a puppy!! So are you or hubby the level headed one? Aka the one who won't allow the other to leave with more than one pup? Because once they're in your hands all mewling and snugly, logic leaves and the next thing you know you're packing 8 home with you. Bridesmaids the movie, anyone? :0)