Monday, December 15, 2008

Is Kirby a Schnorkieshund?

The massive numbers of people (uh huh) who voted on my poll re: whether or not we should have Kirby DNA breed-tested voted unanimously: YES. So I guess we'll be swabbing his little cheeks soon.
Next question is which test is best? The tests I'm currently considering are (the first two have holiday specials ending December 31):

The Canine Heritage Breed Test -- "identifies over 100 breeds" $99.95
DDC Veterinary Animal DNA Services -- "over 60 known dog breeds" and $68.00 plus free shipping. (How much is it worth for those extra 40 breeds?)
Happy Dog DNA -- "62 breeds identified" $54.95 plus free shipping.

I had one previous comment that recommended the DDC. I'd love to know if any of my readers have had experience with these and is willing to venture forth with a recommendation? Visuals for your consideration...


Anonymous said...

You should try Wisdom Panel @ Fastest results. Only test with accuracy. Largest number of breeds detected. Most detailed report. The most credible science.

Happy Dog DNA said...

The previous poster sounds like a Wisdom Panel employee so I'll be up front and admit that I am Happy Dog DNA.

The BioPet Vet Lab test is an excellent value with 62 breeds detected, we have excellent customer service, results in less than two weeks, rock solid lab technicians and first class DNA test equipment.