Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kirby!

Yesterday, July 7, was Kirby's (estimated) 2nd birthday. I say estimated because when we adopted the little guy, they weren't really sure how old he was. Because all the puppies were so small and the mother was relatively so much bigger, I think they assumed the pups to be a bit younger than they actually were. The shelter said 10-11 weeks, but based on Kirby's teeth our vet said he was probably more like 12-14 weeks when we got him.

So we just picked a date around the time we figure Kirby's mother found a safe place on the wilds of a farm somewhere in Northern California to have her litter of little semi-feral puppies.

I'm a proponent of spaying and neutering pets. In the case of Kirby, however, I have to say I'm glad he found his way into the world and graced us with his sweet, bouncy little self.

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