Monday, March 10, 2008

Tomorrow is Kirby's 1st Treatment

Ok, I'm getting nervous. Tomorrow Kirby goes in for the first of two shots of his heartworm treatment. He's happy and playful as ever today. I'm just doing my best to not think about it. I know he needs lots of positive energy throughout this process and my being nervous won't help. That's not enough to keep the thoughts from running through my mind, however.

The good news is that a veterinarian I know who treated a LOT of heartworm-positive Katrina rescue dogs says she's had great results. She gave us suggestions for some supplements we could give Kirby to help reduce side effects of the treatment. When I went to the pet store to get one of them the gal there said she worked for years as a vet tech and never saw a bad reaction to the treatment.

So I'm hanging my hopes on those positive experiences. The vets in our area don't have much occasion to treat heartworm because it is not common here. But Kirby's vet worked in the Midwest for a number of years, where he did treat a number of cases, so I believe Kirby is in good hands.

Kirby's all bathed and smelling sweet. Today he gets his nail trim (we figured we'd better get the stressful things out of the way before the treatment, because we're supposed to keep him as calm as possible after the treatment). And he's thoroughly enjoying the tug toy we got him last week.

The great thing about dogs is they don't worry the way we humans do. Kirby's positive attitude will carry him through this. I have to believe that. And any of you who read my blog, please send positive thoughts and prayers to Kirby tomorrow and the coming days.

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