Saturday, March 01, 2008

Store Dogs

I met a couple of great store dogs today. I love going into stores and seeing dogs milling about. It immediately puts me at ease and, honestly, it makes me want to give them my business. The first store was a fairly high end furniture store with a black lab curled up on a nice cushion. He looked up with his big brown eyes and when I scratched him under the chin, he rested the weight of his entire head in my hand, just the way Baxter does. I would have loved to give that store some business, but the sectional sofa I admired was about twice as much as I wanted to pay. Still, if I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd probably go buy that sofa from that store.

Next was a beautiful, black dog with long silky hair, this time at a pet store (yes, one would expect to find a dog walking around a pet store). I guessed him to be a Flat-Coated Retriever until he stood up and looked at me with big, droopy, soulful eyes. Big guy. I guessed Newfoundland/black lab. The woman working there said he was a stray, found wandering around the East side of town. They picked him up at the shelter. Breed-wise they had guessed the same thing. In any case, you couldn't find a sweeter, calmer dog. Who could leave a dog like that behind?

Baxter would make a wonderful store dog. I could just see him padding around and napping all day long, occasionally walking up to a shopper to sweetly say hello.

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