Sunday, February 17, 2008

Scruffy Dogs of Baja

Cheryl, our Ashland dog park friend and parent of Nemo and Paco (Kirby's look-alike) spends winters along the beaches of Baja. Occasionally she sends photos that brighten my rainy Portland days and make me ever-so-slightly jealous.
The latest email from Cheryl included a cheerful wag of the finger at my extremely delayed blog updates (I know, I know, work has been NUTS lately and 10 hours/day sitting at a computer is enough). She also included some absolutely charming scruffy dog photos.

This is a little 5 lb. dog named Minnie Me, she's about 5 months old and was rescued from the gas station on the highway. Cheryl tells me that a lot of Mexicans don't want female dogs and they leave them on the road or on beaches where Americans will adopt them. There is an American vet in her town who runs an all-volunteer clinic, and with the aid of another vet from Oregon does a lot of spaying and neutering. People just pay what they can, or not at all.

Chicita is about 2 years old and is a rescue dog. I'm guessing Yorkie mix.

Vaca is less than a year old and is also a rescue.

Boomer is traveling the world with his Dutch parents. He is not a rescue dog. Cheryl tells me he had a lot of fun playing with Paco & Nemo.

More pictures tomorrow!

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