Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dogs don't make excuses (but I do)

Wow. I opened up my home page today and realized it has been two weeks since I wrote in my blog. Why? Not sure. At first I told myself I was just lacking in subject matter (which is pretty lame because the dogs provide lots of daily opportunities for storytelling). Or I'm just swamped with work. That's certainly true (and it's a good thing mostly). But I've been extremely busy at other times and still made time to write in my blog.

No, I think this time I'm lacking in some internal inspiration that makes me put the words on the screen. Some of it is stress. I'm never very inspired when I'm overwhelmed. And some of it, I think, is worry... Whenever I start thinking about "dog updates," I find myself wanting to say something about Kirby's condition. And the fact is, I don't have any more to say about it. We're waiting. He's done his two months of Interceptor with no complications. So that's good news. He's gained a pound from his imposed low-exercise lifestyle (I, however, am getting stronger from carrying him up and down the stairs). And the @#$% heartworm(s) that the tests say are inside him are just in there doing whatever heartworms do until we administer the heavy meds some time next month.

I think I'm just not good at waiting for such things. On the one hand, I never want that day to come when we give Kirby the Immiticide (kills the adult heartworms). He seems so normal, so healthy and happy and playful now. And I know that will be hard on him and, potentially, harmful to him as well as the heartworms. On the other hand, I want the whole thing to be over with and Kirby to be fine so we can get back to things like trips to the dog park and games of chase up and down the stairs.

Kirby has grown into such a sweet little dog. He's trustworthy (never bothers our things when we're away, never chews anything but his toys). And he has a wonderful, cheerful disposition. His tail wags almost constantly. He and Baxter have even started curling up together in the evenings. I never thought I'd see the day (Kirby has always tried, but Bax usually gets up and walks away). I think Baxter has accepted Kirby and, dare I say, grown fond of him.

So, anyway, if I were to write about what I'm thinking and feeling with regard to our scruffy dogs, this is pretty much the stuff that's running through my mind every day. And such repetition makes for a very boring blog.

In the coming weeks I'll try not to worry so much. I'll seek inspiration from positive thinking and try to be a little more regular about my writing.

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