Monday, December 10, 2007

ScruffyDog Puppy Picture "Cute-Off"

It's amazing how the objects that belong to you are lost and rediscovered through the process of moving. We still have unpacked boxes that are still packed from our last move five years ago. Finding and opening one of these little time capsules is almost like home archeology.

One of the little gems we uncovered in one of the aforementioned digs was a box containing a couple of Baxter's puppy pictures. These pictures were taken pre-digital camera and somehow didn't make it into an album or a frame, but they are so adorable I just can't resist posting them.

Now, I tend to think ALL puppies are cute, scruffy puppies particularly so. But I have to say, even among the cute, scruffy puppies, Baxter still stands out for me as one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen. (Kirby was pretty darned cute, but Baxter is some pretty tough competition...)

So here we go, the ScruffyDog Puppy Picture Cute-Off:

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KM said...

Hard to choose, I'd say. Baxter's puppy coloring is very appealing, but the more "jolie laide" look of the mutt is irrestible. The tally of reasons for why one or the other are the most cute is the same. Count yourself lucky to have two "most cute" puppies.