Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Road Trip!

Kirby is back to his old self so we figured it was pretty safe to make the road trip down to Ashland, OR to hang my husband's gallery show. Baxter didn't particularly enjoy having to share his "back of the Subaru" space with Kirby, but the sculptures and paintings had to go somewhere.

They say dogs have a superb memory of place, by smell, sight and sound. I know this is true. Even months after passing a house where Baxter once saw a cat on the porch, he stops to look. So I'm thinking it must feel as strange to them as is does to me to be a visitor here after living in the area for so long. Instead of pulling into our old driveway, we pulled into a motel late last night. Instead of running around in the back yard, the dogs got an on-leash walk in the "doggy area" and went to bed in a strange room.

I think they'll feel right at home when we hit the dog park later this week. We have a play date set with Paco, Kirby's look-alike friend, and I'm sure the dogs will appreciate a chance to run with wild abandon and greet some of their Southern Oregon acquaintances. I know I will. Well, maybe not the running. But I am looking forward to spending time with friends and soaking up the golden Southern Oregon sunshine.

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