Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Land of Drafts

I've stacked up a few unfinished blog drafts lately. It seems like every time I get started on something, I'm interrupted or distracted or so absorbed in self-editing that I never reach a point where I hit the "publish post" button.

So here's a quick summary:

My husband was away for a few days. While he was gone, Baxter and Kirby decided to duke it out for the Alpha male position, but once the real Alpha male re-entered the cave, the incessant chasing and conga-line practice (under my desk, no less) finally came to a halt.

I spent a few days in a home without dogs. I sometimes forget just how calm and quiet a home without dogs can be. The doorbell rings and nothing happens. No one sits on your feet when you watch TV. No one stares at you in the morning to tell you it's time to get up. It's so dull I don't know how people survive in dogless homes.

We've had visitors to our home. First my brother-in-law and now my Mom, who is moving to our town from Arizona and awaiting the arrival of her moving van. The dogs love the extra company. Extra cuddling, more feet to lay on and totally gullible house guests who fall for the "I'm starving" and the "I must go outside now even though I was just out 10 minutes ago" looks.

In perfect form, I was just called away for something. I managed to put them off long enough to hit the "publish post" button this time...

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