Sunday, September 02, 2007

Kirby's On the Mend

Kirby seems much better today. He slept through the night and even went for a walk with us this morning. His trot was jaunty and he seemed interested in everything around him. He's still pretty low key today, but he's eating his food and keeping it down. No major symptoms at the other end either.

I have to say it's nice to have him back. We were so worried. Being the "new guy" in the household, we hadn't really realized just how accustomed we have become to having Kirby's energy and enthusiasm brightening up our home. He's a youthful counterpoint to Baxter's calm, steady, big dog demeanor.

Seeing him suffering so the other morning, hearing the vet say "it's touch and go," and worrying about him sleeping in the emergency hospital -- his first night away from us since we adopted him -- really made us realize once again just how attached we are to the little guy. To both of our dogs.

Dogs are family. And when one member of the family pack is suffering, we all suffer.

We're taking Kirby in again on the 10th for some repeat bloodwork to make sure his liver is OK. We may never know what caused the emergency. It could have been salmon poisoning. It could have been a mushroom from the yard. It could have been some chemical he got into somewhere (licking a puddle? chewing on paper? medication someone dropped on the floor?) Or it might have been a bout of the flu. In any case, we're just praying it won't ever happen again, and, as always, we're watching him closely.

Thanks to those of you who have left comments and sent me emails regarding Kirby's emergency. I truly appreciate your concern and I'm pleased that you read my blog. I owe everyone an apology for being away so long and I'll try to keep up from now on!

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