Thursday, August 09, 2007

On the road again...

Working, moving, packing, unpacking, working, traveling, traveling, traveling. I haven't even found all my dishes yet, let alone taken the time to write in my blog. Such is life when business trips are sandwiched between 5-hour drives with U-hauls.

I'm on another business trip but got my dose of dogness today during a business meeting that took place at someone's home. Their skittish poodle eventually warmed up to me and before the end of the meeting was sitting in my lap. Dogs are like magnets to me. I can't go to someone's home without feeling the need to befriend their dog(s) if they have them.

I wish we could always have dogs in business meetings. They bring a down-to-earth presence to the room.

Tomorrow night I'm home, then leaving the next am to make the last trip down South to fill what will, hopefully, this time, be the LAST U-haul load. Then it's just unloading.

Some day we'll feel settled. But at this rate, not for a while. The dogs seem to be doing fine. They don't have to do the packing! Kirby just hides when the boxes start moving around. Baxter, on the other hand, places himself right across the path in which you have to walk to bring the box into the room. He is so consistent about this, it's as if he's trying to trip us. In reality, I think he's just trying to make sure we don't forget he's there and drive off without him.

No chance that would happen!

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