Friday, July 27, 2007

The Last of It...

I'm so behind on my blog...and most other things that don't have to do with either 1) client work or 2) moving.

This weekend is our last trip to pull the last of our possessions out of the house and clean. So far we've had a POD, a couple of fully loaded car trips and a voyage last weekend with a U-Haul. This weekend's final U-Hail trip will mean we at last have all of our things in one place, even if incredibly disorganized.

The new house is now the maze of boxes through which the dogs must navigate. And over the course of the past three weeks I've completely forgotten where I packed most of the small things one really needs to find...such as the key to the safe deposit box which was inadvertently packed and moved last weekend and is now needed today in a town 5 hours away. I guess our few precious items are safe, even if not easily accessible. Oh well, it gives us another excuse to visit our friends and old haunts on another long weekend some time soon.

The dogs are doing remarkably well, all things considered. They seem happy in either house as long as we're there. Unfortunately the new home is lacking a fenced back yard for them to run around in sans leash, so when we arrived moments ago at our old home I opened the back door and they both took off and started their usual chase/wrestle routine.

We'll all be a tad happier when our new town's new dog park is finally finished this fall.

Well, no rest for the weary self-movers, so off I go to figure out how to make an oval platter fit into a square box...

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