Friday, July 13, 2007


At long last, the POD arrived Friday with a significant portion of our worldly possessions. My husband arrived a couple of hours later. I was relieved to see the former and thrilled to see the latter, as were the dogs (who have been arguing over the alpha male position all week).

We've now unloaded the POD and there's now a new maze of boxes through which the dogs must navigate. They haven't quite figured out how to chase each other on hardwood floors, yet, so collisions are inevitable. The dogs' solution to the problem is to chase each other up and down the stairs. Sometimes it gets rather rough and rather loud (you'd swear there were at least a half-dozen canines running up and down for all the stomping and growling going on).

Tonight's battle was over the red Kong Wubba -- a new toy I purchased for them last week at the local pet store. Baxter decided he wanted it. Kirby tries to take every toy away from Baxter. Even if Kirby's busy playing with his own toy, whatever Baxter has looks better. I decided to throw a rawhide bone into the mix to see what happened. Wubba ended up at the bottom of the stairs, Kirby ended up with the Wubba and Baxter's sitting here in my office pawing at me, trying to convey something I don't quite understand. "Take the rawhide away from Kirby and give it to me?" "I want to go outside again even though I was just out there 10 minutes ago?" "Biscuit?"

I've no idea...

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Anonymous said...

They will get used to the hardwood floors. We have them, and Paco & Nemo have the slide down, it is very funny to see them chasing each other around and putting on the brakes at the right time. Cheryl