Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aaaaaahhhhhhh, coolness.

At long last, the AC guy finally arrived yesterday with the compressor. By mid-afternoon the hot little box we call home was starting to cool down and by evening it was downright chilly in here.

But the biggest indicator that something had changed was the energy level of the dogs. For the past several days they had mostly been hairy rugs, sprawled out on the floor with their tongues hanging out. Yesterday afternoon, however, they were as recharged as the AC and proceeded to catch up on their playing and wrestling.

Every time I was out of the room (and sometimes when I was in the room) there was scuffling. Toys were flying, rawhides were being stolen and the decision about who would become the alpha male while my husband is out of town was being negotiated in a less-than-diplomatic manner at times.

Ah, things are back to normal once again.

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