Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Scruffy in the Pearl

On the way to a meeting yesterday in Portland's Pearl District, my colleague and I stopped for a few minutes to soak up the morning sunshine. Portlanders know how to grab sunshine when they see it, particularly after a long, drizzly winter. As we sat on a park bench sipping our green tea Virtual Buddha tonics (fuel for a brainstorming session), an adorable scruffy dog walked by. It looked rather like someone had crossed Baxter with a Basset Hound. Of course, we had to ask about this beautiful, scruffy, vertically-challenged canine.

Glen of Imaal terrier. Wow. I'd only seen them in pictures and for some reason I had always thought they were smaller, more like a Cairn or Norfolk Terrier. He wasn't very tall, but his larger, longer body, short legs and glorious moustache rather reminded me of a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.

His owner was kind enough to let us take a couple of photos, but it was quite apparent that the dog was eager to be on his way, so we said our thank yous and watched as he trotted away with his smiling owner (see above re: sunshine).

A few minutes later, as we headed for our meeting, two Portuguese Water Dogs pranced by and as we went to lunch later, we shared the elevator with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It was like "rare AKC breed day" in the Pearl. I guess every day is rather like that in the Pearl, so if you're in Portland and you're into dog-watching, pick a park bench in the Pearl District on a sunny day, sit back and enjoy the parade.

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