Thursday, February 22, 2007

Brain Freeze and Bell-ringing

We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning. And it wasn't our occasional inch or so of white stuff that melts by noon, this was the real deal. Big, fat snowflakes you could catch on your tongue. And it was heavy...I bet we got at least 5" - 6" of thick, wet snow. The trees were practically bent to the ground and it had that texture that would have been perfect for making snowmen and forts.

Baxter and Kirby certainly enjoyed it, both for romping and dining. After chasing each other around the yard, Baxter and Kirby both settled-in and started eating snow. Crunchy water, what more could you want? But it comes at a cost...I actually saw Baxter get what appeared to be "brain freeze" this morning. He was biting the snow off one of our backyard shrubs and suddenly he stopped. His upper lip curled back and he winced, his teeth gleaming in a pained smile. Of course, he shook it off and kept munching.

Kirby had his moments as well. While Baxter galloped almost effortlessly through the snow, low-rider Kirby had a bit harder time getting around. Those little feet just sank right in and the snow was up to his belly. In order to move around, Kirby either had to plow (tough with such wet snow) or hop like a little black rabbit. He took to hopping. It was pretty funny.

Naturally, the little bell rang on a regular basis most of the day.

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