Monday, January 15, 2007

They Have Fur Coats, I Do Not

I'm getting stares from both sides. The boys didn't get their walk today, at least not yet. And despite a number of trips to the frosty back yard, they still insist that a walk is the only acceptable thing to be doing right now. They don't care that it's freezing outside. They don't care that I'm working (on a holiday no less) or that I'm just plain tuckered out. Nope. They just know the sun is out and the leashes are by the door and here they are sitting under my desk being bored.

Perhaps they're right. Maybe I should leave my ergonomic chair (which I slouch in anyway) and my lavender neck warmer and toss on the fleece, stuff my pockets with pick-up bags and head for the hills. Freezing or not, it does sound better than working on a holiday...

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