Friday, January 12, 2007

Kirby Keeps Us Running

Baxter's in a better mood today, and Kirby has now solidly learned the bell thing. Every time he has had to go out today, he has gone over and tapped the bell with his paw. One time it took me a tad too long to get his leash on and he tapped it again with a decidedly annoyed flair. I'm quite proud of the little guy, and I'm curious if Baxter will ever do it. We didn't actively try to teach the bell trick to Bax, because he already has a notification method that works quite well (paw on your thigh and earnest stare). But I'm sure the model/rival thing has to be kicking in. Then again, maybe not. Baxter only has to go about 1/3 as often as Kirby, and he usually gets the benefit of going outside every time Kirby does, so he may end up never needing to ask again!

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