Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kirby Goes to the Vet

Yesterday afternoon Kirby made his first trip to a local veterinarian for a new puppy check-up. The vet said he's a very healthy and good-natured puppy (he let the vet roll him over, look at his teeth, etc. without any major wrestling). The news to us was that Kirby is a little older than we thought. The shelter had guessed about 12 weeks when we picked him up last Thursday, but the vet said, based on the number of adult teeth in his mouth, he's more like 13-14 weeks old now. That might explain why he's so precocious.

Of course, all the gals in the vet's office were cooing over what a cute puppy he is. There was quite a bit of discussion about Kirby's possible parentage. We know his mom was a German Shepherd mix, and based on the looks of all the puppies, dad was most likely a Dachsund or similar mix. The vet said he definitely had aspects of both Shepherd and Dachsund. How they got together, we'll never know. But Kirby looks like he'll be a nice, small-medium-sized dog when he grows up. Right now it's a mystery and it will be fun to see which characteristics blossom with age.

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