Sunday, October 29, 2006

Catching up on Scruffy Dogs...

ScruffyDog is remiss in posting to the blog. I've been back home for a week, but wanted to spend some quality time getting over jetlag and hanging out with my mom... Grandma thoroughly spoiled Baxter while we were away, which, she says, is the job of any self-respecting grandparent (and I'd have to agree). Baxter has clearly been the little prince of the household. But, alas, Grandma has gone home and house rules are once again in force. His Scruffiness will survive, I'm sure.

Among our souvenirs of Europe are a few photos of Europe's finest scruffy dogs and a story about my up close and personal experience with the critters of Lithuania (which I will share in the days to come) . We have our priorities -- first the dogs:

Archamps, France (just outside Geneva):
"Patsi" in the parking lot of the Ibis motel

Munich, Germany:
On the green in front of the museum complex

Salzburg, Austria:
Wirehaired dachsunds appear to be the scruffy dog of choice in this neck of the Alps...

And this bearded collie gets the "more fluffy than scruffy" designation, but he was too cute to pass up...

We saw a big, scruffy dog which we believed to be a Fauve de Bretagne (the folks with him didn't speak English or French). He was quite handsome and looked a bit like Baxter with a blonde-henna hairwash. Unfortunately, some dogs see the camera as a large, threatening eye pointed at them, and this fellow was one of we decided not to risk life and limb for a beauty shot.

Every scruffy dog we saw along the way reminded us of Baxter and how much we missed him. I'm still waiting for Companion Air to get some trans-Atlantic flights going so we can take Baxter with us. He would have had a ball.

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