Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bonjour, Scruffy Dog

ScruffyDog is remiss in keeping up her blog postings due to a combined business trip/vacation in Europe. Meanwhile, Baxter is as home with Grandma, being spoiled and loved and probably wondering where the other two pack-mates went...

We're on the go, so not much time for updates. But let it suffice to say that Europe -- France in particular -- is full of scruffy dogs. This fellow from the road up to the Col de Joux Plane (if you saw the Tour de France this may sound familiar) ran out to inform us that his farmhouse is strictly off-limits to tourists.

By contrast, this fellow, on the streets of Vilnius, Lithuania, doesn't seem worried about much of anything.

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Mimi_G said...

Ahhhh...travelling! Hope you are having an amazing time - we do miss you, though.

We'll be looking forward to hearing all about your travels when you get back. I'm sure Baxter misses you horribly.

Have fun! Mimi