Friday, September 01, 2006

Portland, Oregon: "DogTown USA"

As a former Portlander and frequent visitor, I'm proud to say that Portland has just been ranked by Dog Fancy magazine as the #1 best all-around city for dogs in America. Yup. I believe it. Just about everyone we know there has at least one dog. The dog parks are the social milieu for dogs and dog lovers alike (watch your knees), and now there are even a few restaurants catering to our canine companions.

According to the Portland Business Journal, new doggy daycares are opening up in Portland faster than new Starbucks (sounds impressive, but given that Portland is already pretty saturated with Starbucks and thousands of other purveyors of expensive coffee drinks, that's not such a surprise). But I have to say, they make a good combination -- nothing warms your heart (or your hands) better than a steaming latte on a cold winter morning at the dog park.

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