Friday, September 15, 2006

Baxter Goes to the North Pole

Due to a family emergency, ScruffyDog and spouse had to be out of town for a few days, which meant dear Baxter needed to find shelter for a few days. Fortunately, a local kennel (oddly called the North Pole) had space. Baxter has spent time in kennels before, and we usually look for a boarding facility that allows the dogs to run around in the yard at least twice a day to do their duty. I don't know what Bax would do if he couldn't get out to do his business...but I wouldn't want to find out.

If we could, we would take Baxter with us wherever we go. He's an integral part of our family, he travels very well and when it comes to the motel, he's quieter and tidier than most children we know. But whenever travel involves an airplane, we leave Baxter at home. Frankly, we're a little scared to put him in a crate in the hold of an airplane. Too many horror stories. And I think it would probably be terrifying for him. Certainly much worse than a few days at the North Pole.

I've been waiting for Companion Air to finally get off the ground. For years they've been building an airline that will have a kennel facility in the back of the cabin. Passengers ride up front and are allowed to go back and visit their animals at regular intervals. I'd pay double for the ability to do that, particularly on a long cross-country or a transatlantic flight. Heck, I'd pay triple.

With so many dog owners out there, I can't believe some major airline isn't catering to people with animals larger than a purse. If you know of one, please let me know!

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