Monday, September 18, 2006

A Bathtime Breakthrough

We're very proud of of our scruffy dog. In the seven+ years we've known Baxter he has never, ever, willingly submitted to a bath...that is, until this past Saturday. We're not sure if it was a matter of wanting to get the eau-de-kennel smell off after his stint at the North Pole or our side comments about going for a ride in the car later that day, but something changed. When my husband said "C'mon Bax, it's time for a bath" (at which point Baxter usually high-tails it for his bed, where he digs in until he's physically dragged into the shower), Baxter quietly walked into the bathroom, stepped into the shower stall and sat down on command. It was truly remarkable. No cowering in the corner. No desperate scrambling. No toenails digging into the vinyl floor. No picking up his hind-end like a wheel-barrow and shoving him in. Just a somber, but resigned, walk into the shower and total acceptance of his fate. This dog never ceases to amaze us.

Of course, upon exiting the shower (which he always loves...for some reason, he's the only water dog I know who hates baths but loves being dried), he was gleeful. He got a chewie (as usual) and he DID get to go for a ride in the car that day, so there's not much more positive reinforcement we could have offered. Now he smells a LOT better and we're still kind of in shock about his change of heart. It will be interesting to see if it repeats...

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