Saturday, July 29, 2006

See the Adopt a Scruffy Dog Blog!

As you may have noticed, I have started a second blog, Adopt A Scruffy Dog, dedicated to scruffy dogs around the country who are available for adoption. "Scruffy" here and "Moe" at the bottom are just two of them.

Unlike this site, that one has advertising, which means after a LOT of "click-throughs" on the Google ads, I'm supposed to get some $, all of which I will donate to an animal shelter. Shelters do NOT pay for any of the photos on my site, I just troll the net looking for the most adorable scruffy dogs I can find who are available for adoption and provide links to their shelters. Google picks out related ads, and they do a pretty good job, I must say.

I don't think the revenue model is doing much in the way of raising funds at the moment (so tell your friends), but I do hope someone who is reading this and loves scruffy dogs will find their perfect match over there.

And even if you aren't looking for a scruffy dog of your own, you should check out the page to see some of the cutest scruffies on the Web.

I update the site weekly, so go have a look, maybe click an ad or two and check back often!

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