Thursday, July 13, 2006

Keeping Me On Task

Baxter gave me the paw this morning. This is not unusual...putting his paw earnestly on my arm or leg and looking directly into my eyes is his way of getting my attention and letting me know he wants something. He's great about communicating that way. I, however, often lack the canine telepathy to know just what he is asking for. Food? No, he'd just been fed. Go outside? No, he had just returned from a walk. Play? No, usually the paw is accompanied by Bear or Bunny or Ball in that case. I was once again watching the stage finish of the Tour de France on TV when I got the paw, and I believe Bax was letting me know it was time to "go to work." (I managed to ignore him long enough to watch Floyd Landis get the yellow jersey...)

Dogs are creatures of habit (aren't we all?). Bax seems most content when the daily pattern is followed. Outside, breakfast, walk, shower (mine) and then go-to-work. Go-to-work usually involves me pouring a cup of coffee or tea and heading for the back bedroom, which serves as my home office. On the way I ring a little string of bells hanging in the hallway. Baxter always responds by picking up one of his favorite toys and trotting along behind me to the office. He waits patiently as I open the shades so he can take his position at the window. I look at my Windows and he looks at his. It's quite a nice arrangement. Only I broke the pattern today. I skipped the shower and flipped on the TV. The Tour de France may seem like a special occasion to me, but Bax was there as my reminder that life (and thus work) goes on. So cheers to my little slave-driver (who has now decided to take a break and is sacked-out on the office floor).


Melissa said...

Hey! I have to admit that while I like dogs, I'm more of a cat person. (Don't shoot yet!! LOL!)

However, you have such a great way of writing about Baxter and your love of dogs, in general, that it makes me want to know and love Baxter, too!

He sounds so sweet! Looking forward to reading your next post...


ScruffyDog said...

Hey, thanks for your note. No shots fired! :-) I know some pretty great cats (and cat people) as well.